Microsoft staff demand company ends contract with 'inhumane' United States border patrol agency

US govt

US govt

Meanwhile, the technology company Microsoft is facing threats of a boycott over its collaboration with ICE, the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency.

In the blog post, Microsoft says its technology can help the agency, which is responsible for border control, customs, trade and immigration, "accelerate facial recognition and identification".

The public outcry over the Trump administration's policy of separating children from their parents at the United States border is spilling over to Microsoft, which has a contract with federal immigration authorities.

Though the ATO has been public for six months already, it resurfaced as outrage grew over the separation of families, including those legally seeking asylum with children, with many social media users calling for a boycott of Microsoft and some employees considering resigning.

Nadella did not mention a letter signed by more than 100 Microsoft employees, first reported by The New York Times, demanding that the company cancel its contract with ICE.

The disappearance of this reference in light of the current outcry surround child separation led people to question what was going on - in particular people were asking whether Microsoft was happy, or indeed proud, to be associated with the controversial policy, and why the ICE reference had been deleted.

The letter demands Microsoft "cancel its contracts" with ICE, as well as those with clients who support the law enforcement agency's work. Will Trump change his policy?

However, Microsoft bosses are now saying that Microsoft's work with the ICE has nothing to do with separating the immigrant families.

Meanwhile, other tech CEOs too have responded to the Trump government's policy of separating immigrant families from their children.

According to an internal note by Vice President of Microsoft's Azure cloud Platform, Jason Zander, company's is helping ICE for moving from the legacy infrastructure to cloud-based Azure.

In its statement, however, Microsoft said it is not working with ICE or U.S. Customs and Border Protection on "any projects related to separating children from their families at the border" and that it is unaware of Azure being used for that objective.

His post called on Congress to improve security at the border while also remembering the "fundamental decency and humanitarian spirit that defines us as a people and a nation". That means standing with every immigrant who works at Microsoft and standing for change in the inhumane treatment of children at the US border today.

"Any engagement with any government has been and will be guided by our ethics and principles", Nadella wrote.

Microsoft's full statement is below. "We will continue to have this dialogue both within our company and with our stakeholders outside".

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