Instagram Lite for Android launched

Screenshots of Instagram Lite

Screenshots of Instagram Lite

There's also Google's own suite of Android Go apps design for the very same markets and use cases.

Instagram has launched a new app for android users.

Facebook introduced Lite app for its social network back in 2015 and Messenger Lite for its messaging service two months ago, so the most logical thing was to launch Instagram Lite.

The app seems geared toward emerging markets, where internet connections are often slower.

Taking up just 573 kilobytes of memory space - less than the average selfie - Lite is more than 55 times smaller than Instagram's 32-megabyte core app. It's a lightweight app that provides the joy of photo sharing while barely taking up any storage space on your smartphone.

Instagram Lite, which is officially listed on Google Play weighs in at just over half a MB (573kb), way smaller than the main app's 32MB payload, making it ideal for devices with less storage, and is said to use less data than the main Instagram app. Less room needed for the app means more room to store photos on your phone.

The launch is part of Facebook's approach to reaching the next billion people who will come online for the first time in developing countries, mostly using low-priced mobile devices with limited access to connectivity and data.

Previously users could only like posts, search for and follow users and see notifications on the website in order to push people to download the app.

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