HTC’s blockchain smartphone will launch this year

We still don't know the specs though

We still don't know the specs though

It is separately reported that the HTC Exodus will be available for purchase all around the globe - except China.

The dedicated HTC Exodus site claims that the smartphone will be the "first cold wallet phone with key recovery" offering. HTC says its partnership with Cryptokitties "is the beginning of a nonfungible, collectible marketplace and crypto gaming app store". HTC will also offer a universal wallet-like functionality through the Exodus phone, and a specific forum will be available to help users.

The game, which involved collecting and trading virtual cats, is an example of non-fungible tokens, an aspect of blockchain technology that provides the basis for creating unique digital assets for collectible games where players compete for rare and scarce items.

For HTC, the ultimate goal is to build up an ecosystem of blockchain-friendly apps specifically for this community.

While HTC has given little further details on blockchain applications on the Exodus, the company has taken a first step toward safeguarding privacy and preventing the commodification of personal data, it said. The mobile manufacturer plans to introduce CryptoKitties as the first of a broader app store based on games using blockchain technology.

The Taiwanese company hasn't revealed any details about the arrival of the Exodus.

The device is being developed by a team led by Vive creator Phil Chen, who is overseeing cryptocurrency and blockchain initiatives at HTC. On why China isn't on the list of countries for the new smartphone, Chen remarked that it is due to different rules and regulations in the country.

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