Jobs Report: Workers Are Quitting Their Jobs at Dotcom Bubble Rates

American workers' willingness to quit their jobs hits 17-year high

American workers' willingness to quit their jobs hits 17-year high

Right now, many of us are sitting at our desks for our current job quietly hunting for a new job.

A record number of Americans are quitting their jobs to seek better opportunities, according to Labor Department data first reported by Bloomberg. In May, there were 6.64 million jobs advertised-when there were only 6.1 million unemployed people.

The government report found that the type of employees who are choosing to leave for greener pastures worked in healthcare, social assistance, finance, insurance, transportation, utilities, and warehousing industries.

Companies continue to fill more positions and as such, job openings dropped to 6.64 million in May, down from 6.84 million.

Despite a tick down in the number of open jobs, there are still more open jobs than there are unemployed people-only the second time in two decades that has happened.

Overall, a high quit rate is the sign of a strong American economy, because it signals that you feel confident that you could find a more high-paying job if you left your job today. Switching jobs is one way to reliably boost your pay.

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