Saman Gunan tragedy: 'You are the hero in my heart'

Saman Gunan tragedy: 'You are the hero in my heart'

Saman Gunan tragedy: 'You are the hero in my heart'

The world is celebrating the victorious rescue of the 12 Thai soccer players and coach who were trapped in a cave for more than two weeks, but for the wife of the Thai Navy SEAL who was killed amid the rescue effort, the aftermath is more hard.

The wife of former Navy Seal Saman Gunan - the only person not to survive the cave drama - has paid an emotional tribute to the man she calls "the hero in my heart". "Saman once said we never knew when we would die, we can't control that, so we need to cherish each day", she explained.

"If you ask me if I'm sad, it's like I've died but I'm still alive".

Waleeporn said her husband loved helping others. "He's been praised as a hero because of who he was", adding that her late husband loves to help others and do charity work.

She said the couple would talk throughout the day, asking each other if they had eaten lunch and discussing their day after Saman had finished work.

"I want to tell you honey... you are the hero in my heart", Waleeporn said.

Saman's father Wichai said he is extremely proud of his son. "My beloved son, may you rest in peace".

Waleeporn Gunan talked to the BBC about her husband, who died while trying to rescue the boys from Tham Luang cave.

Sadly the former SEAL, who had left in 2006 but returned as a volunteer on the rescue mission, ran out of oxygen himself as he navigated the treacherous cave. Today, you get some good rest.

The boys emerged several hours after a team of 13 worldwide cave diving experts and five Thai Navy SEALs entered the cave to begin the treacherous attempt to accompany the boys one by one through the flooded, narrow tunnels. "I'm ready to fly to Chiang Rai", Mr Gunan said in Thai on the self-shot video, reported the Associated Press.

Gunan was honored by fellow Thai Navy SEALs in a ceremony in Chiang Rai before being airlifted to his home province of Roi Et, where he will be cremated on Saturday, according to the Straits Times.

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