May urged to suspend lawmaker for 'racist' tweet against Muslim mayor

ISABEL INFANTES via Getty Images            
                    Trump Baby will fly over Westminster on Friday morning

ISABEL INFANTES via Getty Images Trump Baby will fly over Westminster on Friday morning

It depicted the London mayor, who is a Muslim, as a giant balloon having sex with a giant balloon pig.

Opposition members urged Prime Minister Theresa May's Conservative party Friday to suspend a lawmaker after he tweeted an image of London's first Muslim mayor as a flying inflatable pig with a second pig behind it in an apparently sexual position.

The US president is visiting Britain this week, and has is being met with widespread protests - including a giant protest balloon near Parliament depicting him as an orange baby clutching a smartphone.

"Yesterday, Michael Fabricant was called out for tweeting a deeply offensive image about Sadiq Khan, and today he's been caught with the flag of Apartheid South Africa on his mantelpiece". Khan, who has a long-running spat with Trump, granted the balloon's creators permission to fly it, despite the objections of some Trump supporters.

Fabricant's tweet, sent Thursday night, had a caption on the image: "BREAKING NEWS: TRUMP DEFEATS SADIQ KHAN IN BALLOON WARS", and the MP added the note: "Well, what can I say". Political commentator Owen Jones is one of many now calling for Fabricant's suspension from the party.

The tweet in question.

Sadiq Khan is Muslim, and the tweet prompted immediate accusations of Islamophobia.

Tory peer Baroness Warsi, a vocal critic of her party's perceived lack of action on the issue of Islamophobia, claimed that there will be an inquiry into the incident, but she asked: "how much damage we will do to our reputation in the meantime as we drag our feet". "If @BrandonLewis respect pledge means anything, Michael Fabricant must be suspended immediately".

Labour MP Stephen Doughty tweeted: "This is disgusting, racist stuff @Mike_Fabricant - you should be ashamed of yourself".

People had already taken screenshots and used them to call the MP racist.

In a statement posted on Twitter, Fabricant claimed that he had "accidentally" tweeted what he now describes as a "vile" picture of Khan. 'As soon as I saw what it was, I deleted it.

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