Trump's United Kingdom visit and protests

Inflatable Donald Trump

Inflatable Donald Trump

"I think they like me a lot in the UK", Trump said in Brussels.

Trump, however, is the most unconventional of modern USA presidents and there is some anxiety in Britain about whether he will adhere to protocol.

Last week at the same location, May finally won agreement for her Brexit strategy from her cabinet but within days, two senior ministers quit, which Trump said earlier in the week had left Britain in turmoil.

Trump, in the interview given before he left Brussels for the United Kingdom, accused May of ruining what her country stands to gain from the Brexit vote to leave the European Union.

But it said the most likely outcome was that Mrs May would suggest that she explain her Brexit plan to Mr Trump, Mr Trump will agree to listen and "they'll both claim the story was overwritten, and then try to go about their day".

"I would have done it much differently", Trump said.

British Prime Minister Theresa May and President Trump prepare for a meeting at Checkers, the prime minister's country residence, near Ellesborough, northwest of London on July 13, 2018.

May likewise glossed over the comments in the Sun.

White House correspondents for Axios and the Toronto Star said The Sun had "over-egged" Mr Trump's comments apparently ruling out a US-UK trade deal.

Ms Thornberry added: 'I don't trust her to stand up for our country when it comes to President Trump.

Trump's remarks Friday come after the president shocked British media by slamming May's policies Thursday night in an interview with The Sun in which he hinted that a potential USA -U.K. trade deal may be off the table due to the U.K.'s plan for a "soft Brexit".

He also told the tabloid that he'd shared advice with May during Britain's negotiations with the European Union and she ignored it.

Trump denied he criticized May in the interview, which he said was recorded.

Sing-a-longs aside, Mr. Trump and first lady Melania might be expected to follow protocol.

Mr Khan said "I shouldn't be the arbiter, as a politician, of what's in good taste or bad taste, what's important is it to be peaceful, and for it to be safe". Just as the USA president's remarks that her plan would "kill" any trade deal with the USA began to reverberate around social media on Thursday evening, the former Ukip leader used an appearance on Andrew Neil's This Week to claim he had fed the idea to Trump.

The balloon was authorised by Khan, who has crossed swords with Trump several times after the president posted factually incorrect messages over a series of terror attacks in Britain in 2017.

"I think he has done a bad job on crime, if you look, all of the frightful things going on there, with all of the crime that is being brought in", Trump said, later adding that he thinks Khan has insulted him by not being "hospitable to a government that is very important".

Asked if the ex-minister could be in No. 10 one day, he replied: "Well I am not pitting one against the other". And Trump has now openly sided with them against the prime minister.

It was the latest potshot in a feud that began when Khan, the son of a bus driver who emigrated from Pakistan in the 1960s, criticised Trump's travel ban on people from certain Muslim countries.

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