Wolff denies Mercedes 'team orders' now in play

'Ferrari Showcased Weakness With Silverstone Celebration'- Hamilton

'Ferrari Showcased Weakness With Silverstone Celebration'- Hamilton

Stewards took into consideration the fact that the incident happened when the safety auto was deployed and at a time of confusion on the pit wall. In a statement stewards said there was clearly an infringement, but decided only to issue a reprimand. A number of radio messages from Jock Clear asked him not to hold teammate Sebastian Vettel up, to which Raikkonen - who was showing good pace - responded by asking the team to simply state if it wanted him to move out of the way before the change in position happened.

"It was really confusing because they were all panicking on the pit wall, I was probably the only relaxed one", he said.

"I see that as a weakness rather than a whole need to even say anything [in return if we win in Germany]". After racing for so many years, you never know when you're going to have another brilliant race.

"I don't know, it didn't really change an bad lot in the end".

Beaten by Vettel in his home British Grand Prix at Silverstone two weeks ago, where he went from pole to the back of the field and up to second, he had turned the tables completely. "This was up there with them".

"In terms of making the call later in the race when they started to be all over each other at the restart, it was raining at places and it was still humid and we had had so much bad luck in the last couple of races that the scenario of losing a auto or two was just something that I didn't want to even envisage", he said.

The German, eight points better off in the championship heading into the weekend, looked certain to take his first victory at Hockenheim, just 30 minutes from where he was born. After hitting the barriers, he punched his steering wheel in frustration.

Toto Wolff has denied that team orders will characterise the rest of Mercedes' 2018 season.

"But it was the moment that gave us the win and we were punching the air in our garage, but I can still feel sympathy for him".

"Obviously we knew that one of the Mercedes will be on some aged tires but they seemed to be the right decision in those conditions so I don't have an answer - I don't think anybody would have an answer what the end result if we stayed out. It's great for Mercedes to win at Hockenheim".

German driver Nico Hulkenberg was fifth for Renault, with Romain Grosjean sixth for Haas ahead of Mexican Sergio Perez and Frenchman Esteban Ocon for Force India in seventh and eighth positions.

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