My Health Record: Greg Hunt promises to redraft legislation after public outcry

My Health Record  ADHA

My Health Record ADHA

Hunt met with senior officials from the Australian Medical Association (AMA) and College of Global Positioning System on Tuesday night, two key groups who'd raised concerns about protecting patient information, and announced the changes following the meeting.

The Australian Digital Health Agency admits there has been nine data breaches.

Call it a win for the power of people, the government will rework My Health Record's legislation to prevent unauthorised access to data.

King argues the legislation underpinning MHR, introduced by Labour, was designed for an opt in system and the government had failed to make the necessary privacy and security changes when it switched MHR to opt out.

"The amendment will ensure no record can be released to police or government agencies, for any objective, without a court order", Hunt said.

Every Australian will get a My Health Record that will reveal if they have had an abortion, a mental illness, sexually transmitted disease or drug addiction unless they opt out by October 15. "This will be enshrined in legislation", Hunt said.

The National Rural Health Alliance welcomes the Federal Government's commitment to strengthen the privacy provisions of My Health Record - Australia's online health summary system.

And - Vulture South is certain you'll be thrilled to hear this - the release also trumpets that the government will work with medical leaders on some kind of spin strategy, or as the release puts it, "additional communications to the public about the benefits and goal of the My Health Record".

Under the changes, patients will be able to delete their records permanently from the system.

Health Minister Greg Hunt has been forced to back down over the My Health Record system.

Police will now need warrants to access digital health records but legal experts warn loopholes could still put family violence victims at risk.

Trent Yarwood, an infectious diseases specialist and member of tech advocacy group FutureWise, told The Register there's no detail beyond "there will be changes".

The minister said that while the existing legislation was not a problem, he wanted to offer additional reassurances on privacy.

"When a patient steps into the office of one of our Global Positioning System, we want them to know that their health information is private and protected", wrote Dr. Harry Nespolon, president-elect of the RACGP.

"Changes to the legislation that remove any questions about who may be able to access the records ensure that the records will be able to be used in line with the RACGP's position statement on My Health Records".

In a Twitter statement, AMA president Dr Tony Bartone said he had "constructive discussions" with Mr Hunt on Tuesday night.

News Corp has also been contacted by people frustrated they can't opt out of the My Health Record using a paper form.

The Australian Council of Social Services boss Cassandra Goldie welcomed the decision and urged the government to now rebuild confidence in My Health Record.

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