FCC admits its comment system never suffered DDoS attack

FCC admits it never was hacked

FCC admits it never was hacked

The repeal of net neutrality was not only unpopular, it was illegitimate. The Commission then chose to ignore the public comments altogether. In 2014, Oliver also asked viewers to post comments supporting net neutrality and the system went down.

"The Inspector General's office asked my office not to discuss this investigation while it was ongoing so as not to jeopardize it, and my office has accommodated that request".

Pai made the statement ahead of an Inspector General's report about its investigation into the sham DDoS attack. It is unclear why the Chairman wouldn't demand to see the evidence despite everyone out of the agency already believing that the DDoS claim was nothing but a lie to invalidate the comment process. Thankfully, I believe that this situation has improved over the course of the previous year. So far there's little indication that the agency might be punished for crying hack, though the U.S. Government Accountability Office (GAO) is investigating the incident.

However, looking at Pai's statement it is clear what this report is going to say. After all, someone at the FCC clearly thought we'd buy the DDoS story past year.

Separately, the issue that as many as 94% of the 23 million comments successfully submitted were clogged with duplicates and contained mostly forgeries remains unaddressed, and has also dogged the credibility of Pai and others at the FCC. "It has become abundantly clear that (the commenting system) needs to be updated".

I am deeply disappointed that the FCC's former Chief Information Officer [David Bray], who was hired by the prior Administration and is no longer with the Commission, provided inaccurate information about this incident to me, my office, Congress, and the American people. "This is completely unacceptable. I'm also disappointed that some working under the former CIO apparently either disagreed with the information that he was presenting or had questions about it, yet didn't feel comfortable communicating their concerns to me or my office".

It remains unclear why the new team who replaced Bray almost a year ago didn't debunk what is being called a "conspiracy theory" and came clean about it. The comments related to the Pai's plan to overturn network neutrality rules clarified during the Obama administration.

"I'm pleased that this report debunks the conspiracy theory that my office or I had any knowledge that the information provided by the former CIO was inaccurate and was allowing that inaccurate information to be disseminated for political purposes", Pai said in a statement. "What happened instead is obvious - millions of Americans overwhelmed our online system because they wanted to tell us how important internet openness is to them and how distressed they were to see the FCC roll back their rights".

"It's unfortunate that this agency's energy and resources needed to be spent debunking this implausible claim", she added.

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