HMC: Nearly 35,000 new Organ Donors Registered since Ramadan

China reports 18,400 voluntary organ donors by July

China reports 18,400 voluntary organ donors by July

The proposed new system of consent for organ and tissue donation, which will presume that people have agreed to transplants unless they have specifically opted out, is expected to come into effect in England in 2020 as part of a drive to help Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) people.

Jackie Doyle-Price, Secretary of State for Mental Health and Inequalities, said the changes could save up to 700 lives every year, but she said organ donation remained a gift.

There will be exceptions - children under 18, those with diminished mental capabilities, and foreigners who have been in the country less than 12 months - and relatives can still override the "presumed consent", if the "donor" has relatives in the first place to object.

An "opt-out" system for organ donation will be introduced in the United Kingdom in a move that should save hundreds of lives a year, the government will announce today.

In 2017, 411 people died in Britain before the right donor was found, and more than 5,000 people are now on the waiting list in England.

People who don not want to donate their organs will be able to register their decision through NHS websites, phone calls, and an app which will launch at the end of this year.

Currently, would-be donors must indicate their intentions on the NHS Organ Donor Register, or grieving families must make the decision if a patient's wish to donate is unknown.

The legislation, which was introduced in parliament in July 2017, will return to the House of Commons in the autumn.

Specialised nurses will be available to discuss organ donation with families so that an individual's choices are respected.

Janet Davies added: "We welcome the commitment to clear conditions and safeguards to ensure the new system is fair to patients and to donors".

A new law to tackle organ donor shortages in England could save up to 700 extra lives every year, according to the government.

Fiona Loud, policy director of Kidney Care UK, told BBC Breakfast the experience in Wales, where donations did not initially increase, showed the new system depended on widespread public support.

Simon Gillespie, chief executive of the British Heart Foundation, said: "There is a desperate shortage of organ donors in the UK".

Organ donation saves lives.

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