Indonesia works to ban trade of meat from pets, exotic animals

One positive of Ms Davies’ experience was that she managed to save two puppies

One positive of Ms Davies’ experience was that she managed to save two puppies

Indonesia might be a famous, handsome holiday destination for backpackers and sun worshippers alike, but it also has a reputation as a place where cats and dogs are sold in markets for their meat.

While the sick practice isn't exactly a common sight on our shores, eating dog meat isn't actually illegal.

Several regions in the country such as Central Java, Yogyakarta, Bali, North Sumatra and North Sulawesi are known to have dishes made of dog meat that are sold at street food stalls and restaurants.

Indonesia is preparing a regulation to ban the trade of meat derived from pets and exotic animals, aiming to promote animal welfare and rein in disease, an official said on Tuesday, a decision cheered by animal rights campaigners.

Kike Yuen of the WDA told The Sun: 'In the United States, people who eat dog meat are mainly immigrants from Asia. With three million immigrants from East Asia in the United Kingdom, we can not deny this situation exists here too.

'We believe legislation against dog meat in United Kingdom would provide us with strength to continue our work in Asia, as the United Kingdom could influence other countries to stop dog meat consumption.

'Most of them usually refused to do so with the excuse that there is no such law in Western countries'.

In response, Downing Street has promised that the Government will "look closely" at new USA legislation introducing a total ban on the import, trade and consumption of dog meat.

Theresa May's official spokesman told a Westminster media briefing: 'The commercial trade in dog meat in the United Kingdom is illegal, but we will look closely at the decision taken in the US.

"Foreign countries find a low standard of animal welfare and cruelty unacceptable and will stop visiting Indonesia, which is bad for tourism", he said as quoted by the statement, adding that the trade in dog meat and animals that were not registered as farm animals were illegal.

The results of the meeting, initiated by the ministry's directorate of veterinary public health, will be used as a recommendation to formulate a ministerial regulation regarding the ban on the dog and cat meat trade as well as other exotic animals in Indonesia.

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