'Boy, 8, screamed "Daddy, I'm sorry" as father cut his throat'

The father left a note blaming the mother. Family friends said the man had never been violent to the children

The father left a note blaming the mother. Family friends said the man had never been violent to the children

A note left at the apartment where she found them, written in French, blamed the woman for "our deaths" and told her to 'carry the burden of our souls, me and my two children'.

KTRK reported that after killing the youngsters, Ndossoka called their mother to tell her he had left her "a present" at their apartment.

Court documents obtained by the Houston Chronicle stated that Anna-Belle Faith Ndossoka, 1, cried and Marcel Ndossoka, 8, said "Daddy, I'm sorry", in the moments leading up to their deaths Saturday at father Jean Pierre Ndossoka's hands.

The father - who was charged with two counts of capital murder - had said in the note that he planned to die with his children.

Ndossoka called Ntongo multiple times Saturday after the slaying.

Jean Pierre Ndossoka's children cried and begged for their lives in the minutes before he allegedly slit their throats and left them on his bed, telling his wife he'd left her a "present". Police found him in his vehicle in Pasadena the next morning, still alive but bleeding from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

If convicted he could face the death penalty. There'd be a key under the mat so she could come find it, he told her, according to court records.

But, in fact, he had already fled.

On Sunday, Ndossoka was found with a self-inflicted gunshot wound in Pasadena, southeast of Houston.

He claimed to have had high blood pressure and while he initially claimed to have not remembered what happened, he admitted that he "did something bad" while at the hospital.

Ndossoka first said he had choked the children, the documents said, but then reported using a knife and confirmed he wrote the note found at the apartment.

"The defendant then admitted that he had done something to his children and when asked 'what?' he motioned towards his neck", court documents stated.

Ndossoka was scheduled to appear in court Wednesday afternoon.

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