Huracan Driver Racks Up $45,000 In Speeding Fines On Holiday

Lamborghini Aventador S

Lamborghini Aventador S

Farah Hashi, from Newport in South Wales, is stranded in the United Arab Emirates city because he can not afford to pay and does not have access to his passport, his family have told MailOnline.

That's because previous track record shows them they will end up paying the fines if they collect the auto, because the law holds the leasing company accountable, instead of the driver who committed the crime in the first place.

There is now AED70,000 for 12 violations and then another AED105,000 to get the auto out of impound, the vehicle dealership is reluctant to retrieve the auto from the hotel, as it can not pay the impound fines. We have tried talking with Mr Hashi but he has not responded.

His brother Adman, 50, said Farah is now stranded in the Middle East because he can not afford to pay the "ridiculous" fine and has no way of getting his passport back. "I can't keep his passport with me for long".

The driver, who is visiting Dubai, listed the Palm Jumeirah hotel as his listed address.

Going over Dubai's 50mph limit is an automatic 3,000 dirham fine, which works out to roughly £600.

Iqbal said the Lamborghini's on board computer alerted him to the excessive speed and he sent a text message to Hashi warning him about the cameras.

"I was fearing that he may go to his embassy claiming that he lost his passport in order to get a new one then leave the country", Iqbal told The National.

Iqbal went to his local police station when he realised how many cameras had been triggered. The dealer requested a travel ban on the tourist but it was rejected.

Hashi was driving a Lamborghini Huracán on loan from Saeed Ali Rent a auto, and since the vehicle was registered to the rental company it ended up receiving all of the fines.

Hashi was unavailable for comment.

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