Mobile rolls out cheaper tier of unlimited service

T-Mobile calls itself the Un-carrier and tries to undercut the prices of its competition. Its new Essentials plan is one example

T-Mobile calls itself the Un-carrier and tries to undercut the prices of its competition. Its new Essentials plan is one example

Instead, the new plan is meant to compete with the cheaper unlimited offers from AT&T and Verizon, whose cheapest unlimited plans are each $40 per line for four lines and offers similar features such as non-HD video streaming.

T-Mobile ONE adds no-charge Netflix, no additional taxes and fees, unlimited streaming at 480p, one hour of data access and unlimited texts on flights with Gogo Internet access, and 5 GB of LTE data in Canada and Mexico.

T-Mobiles Essentials plan will cost $120 for four lines ($30/line) while T-Mobile ONE goes for $160 ($40/line). Are you interested in a T-Mobile Essentials plan? Essentials includes unlimited talk, text, and 2G data when roaming, but only in Canada and Mexico.

Currently, we dont know if T-Mobile Tuesdays and Music Freedom would be limited to T-Mobile ONE plans from now on.

Although it comes with unlimited services, the Essentials plan is stripped down compared to numerous other plans you'd find at T-Mobile and other carriers.

The savings get a little better when you add two lines of Essentials, which costs $90 ($106 with the nationwide average tax). Well have to wait until T-Mobile releases its terms and conditions for the new plan to see exactly which of the T-Mobile perks it will or will not include.

The "Un-carrier" says the T-Mobile Essentials plan is for those who "just want the basics". [T-Mobile] wants to make it easy. In T-Mobile's home state of Washington, the combined federal, state, and local rate is 25.6%, which is enough to bring a single line of T-Mobile Essentials to $75. The carrier's other plans cost more, but have more features. If you add a 2nd line, that'll be an extra $30/mo. More information about T-Mobile Essentials is available right here.

T-Mobile has always been transparent, and this move is a step backwards for the carriers entire UnCarrier movement, the last of which was UnCarrier "Next": which included the movement to eliminate taxes and fees.

While it may seem like the company's latest offer isn't much of a deal, T-Mobile is keeping its more powerful Netflix-included, One option around and is not changing its price.

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