Vic govt say Cottrell on Sky 'final straw'

The Victorian government has directed the state's trains operator to remove Sky News from railway stations amid a sustained backlash to the broadcaster's decision to interview the far-right extremist Blair Cottrell.

Ms Allan said she had been concerned about the quality and content shown on the TVs for a while and had spoken to Metro Trains previously about improving such.

Sky News now plays on train platform screens in other states, including NSW and WA, and following the Victoria's decision people are calling for other transport ministers to follow suit.

Mr Mitchell slammed the decision calling it a censorship on what the public can see and questioned Ms Allan after she admitted to not seeing the whole interview and only excerpts.

In a tweet earlier today, Allan justified the decision by saying "hatred and racism have no place on our screens or in our community", and yeah, no shit.

Allan told 3AW on Thursday morning the government had made a decision to pull Sky from station screens because there had a been "number of interviews that had started to go down a slippery slope".

"That interview was unacceptable, indeed Sky News themselves have admitted they got it wrong", she said.

'We need to ensure passengers are not bombarded with shocking content'.

A member of the public retweeted a story about the Metro Trains decison to remove all Sky News ads quoting, 'Reckon we can do the same in Brisbane @TrainsLinkSEQ?'

"As the public transport minister, where it's a public asset being used to televise particular content, I think I've got a responsibility to make sure that content is appropriate", Allan said.

They replied with, "I can pass through feedback to the relevant department to have this looked into if you'd like".

The move comes after the network interviewed Cottrell on Sunday night and the broadcaster was accused of "normalising racism and bigotry" by the former Labor MP Craig Emerson, who quit his role at Sky News following the broadcast.

Junkee has contacted NSW Transport Minister Andrew Constance to ask whether Sydney Trains will similarly be canning Sky.

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