Could Raiders explore trade possibilities for Khalil Mack

Lions Named As Potential Landing Spot For Raiders DE Khalil Mack

Lions Named As Potential Landing Spot For Raiders DE Khalil Mack

Star defensive end Khalil Mack hasn't been with the Oakland Raiders since the 2017 season ended against the Los Angeles Chargers on December 31.

This speculation was heated up this week when news surfaced that Mack could be a potential trade candidate since there was little to no progress being made on his contract extension. All of the ingredients seem to be in place for a lengthy standstill between Mack and the Raiders which leaves the question open to whether the Raiders would actually consider trading him.

Freeman notes Mack wants a new contract, but as we've seen time and time again in the National Football League, it's unusual these front office staredowns don't end in the player's favor. At 6-3, 252 pounds, Mack can play both outside linebacker and defensive end.

"Those players on other teams, I guess we're not really supposed to talk about those guys", Gutekunst said.

"But, again, do the Raiders have enough cash around to put the guaranteed money immediately into an escrow account?"

Oakland knows Mack wants insane money, and they simply don't value him that highly. Gutekunst acquired an extra first-round pick in next year's draft, and the Packers have tens of millions coming off the salary cap next offseason. "Think of going from highest possible tax rate in a state-income tax level you can have at 13.3 percent down to one of seven states in the nation that has zero percent tax".

"I don't see why not, he would be flawless", Maiocco said of Mack. Needless to say, he's one of the top five edge rushers in the game.

If both sides are willing to compromise in certain areas I could see the Packers spending one or both of their 2019 first round draft picks in a trade for Mack. This will allow Mike Pettine to dial up blitzes for Mack in which he would receive more unimpeded rushing lanes to the quarterback, which would allow him to make more impact plays.

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