Judge Orders Return Of Deported Asylum-Seekers

Judge orders government to turn around deportation plane

Judge orders government to turn around deportation plane

DC District Judge Emmet Sullivan then blocked the administration from deporting the two plaintiffs while they are fighting for their right to stay in the U.S. - reportedly excoriating the administration and threatening to hold Attorney General Jeff Sessions in contempt.

Sullivan's eventual order had nothing to with the prior agreement between DOJ and the ACLU and imposed a blanket ban on deporting the two until the ACLU's lawsuit against Sessions runs its course.

"This is pretty outrageous", Sullivan said.

The lawsuit asks the judge to invalidate Sessions' June 11 decision to restrict the kinds of cases that qualify for asylum.

The judge ordered the government to immediately return Carmen and her daughter to the U.S. If the government does not fully comply with the order, the judge said he would order officials to appear in court to explain why they should not be held in contempt.

Carmen also is a plaintiff in an ACLU lawsuit filed this week challenging a recent Justice Department policy change that aims to speed up removal of asylum-seekers who fail to prove their cases, the paper said, and that domestic and gang violence aren't reasons for getting asylum.

The ACLU was in court today successfully seeking an emergency stay of removal for plaintiffs - many of whom are women fleeing extreme sexual and gang violence. We are thrilled the stay of removal was issued but sickened that the government deported two of our clients - a mom and her little girl - in the early morning hours.

The two did land in El Salvador after their forced removal from the US, but per the ACLU's efforts, did not disembark from the plane and were flown back to the USA immediately. Sullivan demanded to know why he shouldn't hold Sessions in contempt, according to the Post and the recollection of lead ACLU attorney Jennifer Chang Newell.

The Justice Department declined a request for comment, the Post reported. The deported mother and daughter were en route back to the US later Thursday.

The judge told them to "turn the plane around" if necessary.

The ACLU lawsuit was filed on behalf of 12 migrants from Honduras, El Salvador and Guatemala - three of them children - all of whom failed their initial "credible fear" interviews. The reforms are already working to reduce the previously skyrocketing number of illegal aliens claiming to be "asylum seekers" after being caught by Border Patrol, but they have sent the open-borders left into a rage.

A "credible fear" interview is a threshold screening that determines whether there is a "significant possibility" that an immigrant could show they are eligible for asylum in a full hearing with evidence, witnesses, and appeals.

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