Laura Ingraham Targets Even Legal Immigrants In Off-The-Rails Rant

Laura Ingraham opens her show with a direct message to white nationalists

Laura Ingraham opens her show with a direct message to white nationalists

Fox News host Laura Ingraham used her opening monologue Thursday night to slam white nationalists and "those who are distorting my views" after she was widely criticized for lamenting America's changing demographics.

Cuomo also cited a Gallup poll that showed 84% of participants calling legal immigration a "good thing". She decried the changes in the country because of "demographic" changes - something many took to mean racial changes, though she specifically denied that later in the commentary.

"I see zero difference between what Laura Ingraham is saying on mainstream cable and what the Nazi was saying in front of his house", Jones said. They are saying "that people are a problem, not just the entry. America does not need to become great again, she will only become greater by being more of what she already is".

Willingly and unwillingly, immigrants built the United States, "paid for her, enriched her, and fought for her, and we have to remember that sacrifice", Cuomo said. "She's complaining that people who come to America from other countries-even legally-are making this country unrecognizable to her", and, more to the point, to Fox's largely white, older viewers.

Although Ingraham didn't name the individual, she was likely referring to former KKK leader David Duke, who tweeted (and then deleted) praise for her comments in which she lamented the "massive demographic changes" caused by immigration and said "in some parts of the country, it does seem like the America that we know and love doesn't exist anymore".

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