Michigan Athletics Looking Into Potential Shoe Sales Violation

After 13 University of North Carolina football players were suspended for selling team-issued Air Jordans earlier this week, several other Jordan Brand outfitted schools are investigating violations involving their own athletes.

An ESPN report indicated that 23 pairs of team-issued MI shoes were found on the shoe marketplace website StockX. Thirteen pairs of Jordan V MI school-issued shoes were sold for an average price of $3,126.

Prior to being granted the shoes, Ablauf said MI football players sign a form that acknowledges selling the shoes would jeopardize their eligibility. "Our compliance office is looking into this matter and will determine if anything needs to be reported to the NCAA", a MI spokesman said. Officials from all three schools acknowledged, through athletic department spokesmen, that they were contacted by North Carolina and are in the process of investigating the claims.

Along with players, executives, celebrities and specific MI alums in the National Football League could also receive the shoes.

"Oregon obviously has a long and storied history with Nike, but MI is the cool new kid on the block, due to the continuing hype surrounding its landmark [Jordan] deal (which began in August 2016)", StockX CEO Josh Luber said in the ESPN article. Additionally, the shoes are marked by equipment staff with the player's name or uniform number, enhancing the difficulty of selling them anonymously. Each pair of exclusive shoes ranges from 200-300 ever made.

MI has a deal with Nike brand Jordan, which runs through at least 2027. The student-athletes are not the only people who can receive the custom shoes.

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