Democrats force Senate to adjourn to protest Kavanaugh

Kavanaugh is President Trump's second nominee to the US Supreme Court

Kavanaugh is President Trump's second nominee to the US Supreme Court

Senator Dick Durbin (D-Illinois) basically accused Kavanaugh of lying at his 2006 judicial confirmation hearing when he denied being involved in discussions related to the detention of enemy combatants.

But demonstrations continued inside the US Senate building where Kavanaugh was being quizzed on Wednesday, with occasional outbursts from protesters, such as: "Sham president, sham justice!" and "No Trump puppet!"

"That takes some backbone", he said of the justices who decided those cases.

At issue is whether Kavanaugh's respect for precedent would keep him from casting a vote to strike down Roe, as many Democrats suspect he would. Additionally, the right to use contraception, whether you are married or single, is also protected as a constitutional right dating back to the decision of Eisenstadt v. Baird in 1972.

Trump nominated Kavanaugh, 53, to fill the seat of retired Justice Anthony Kennedy. But that may not preclude him from joining the court's other conservatives in restricting its scope by upholding abortion restrictions enacted in conservative states.

A heckler interrupts the proceedings during the first day of hearings to confirm Brett Kavanaugh to the Supreme Court in Washington, on September 4, 2018. Kavanaugh said such guns are covered by the US Constitution's Second Amendment, which protects the right to bear arms. They have accused Democrats of seeking to delay the hearing for purely political reasons.

The freaky thing, as The Post pointed out, is that Democrats had already made a decision to vote against Kavanaugh.

The president's comment followed the statements of Democratic senators who warned that Trump was, in the words of Sen.

Instead, he focused Feinstein on the language of the Supreme Court's precedent in the Heller case.

He also successfully dodged the question of whether a president must respond to a subpoena - neatly sidestepping an intensely contested topic against the backdrop of special counsel Robert Mueller's investigation into potential collusion between the Trump campaign and Moscow.

If confirmed, Kavanaugh is expected to move the high court-which already had a conservative majority-further to the right.

"There are battles worth fighting, regardless of the outcome", Sen. Mazie Hirono, D-Hawaii, said Tuesday in an unsparing opening statement that criticized Kavanaugh's judicial opinions and the Senate process that Democrats said had deprived them of access to records of important chunks of Kavanaugh's time as an aide to President George W. Bush.

Democrats raised objections from the moment Iowa Sen. Grassley gaveled the committee to order Tuesday.

Harris, a former California attorney general, was the last Democrat to ask questions in Wednesday's marathon hearing.

Then, on Friday, the White House said it would not release an additional 101,921 pages to the committee, so even senators haven't seen them.

As protesters repeatedly interrupted the session, Republican Sen.

Below are four other important Supreme Court cases that concern core legal issues of liberty, equality, and the right to be secure in our bodies and our belongings.

"It is about politics", said Cruz. "It is about Democratic senators re-litigating the 2016 election". That is the period of time when Kavanaugh served as Bush's staff secretary - and for which the White House has said no documents need to be produced because they involve confidential discussions.

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