South Africa declares end of listeria outbreak that killed 200

FILE Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi

FILE Minister of Health Aaron Motsoaledi

A total of 1,060 people contracted the disease, which is caused by bacteria from soil, water, vegetation and animal faeces which can contaminate fresh food, notably meat.

Motsoaledi said inspections were conducted after the chief directorate of environmental health within his department wrote to 52 municipalities and metropolitan areas requesting them to conduct inspections.

Not a single factory‚ except Tiger Brands‚ had the ST6 strain of listeria that caused the outbreak.

This does not mean that people will no longer suffer from listeriosis - remember, listeriosis has occurred in South Africa for the past 40 years.

"At many stages, we were despairing", Dr Juno Thomas, head of the NICD's Centre for Enteric Diseases, told News24 at the time.

Environmental health practitioners were informed and visited the crèche and took samples from two polony brands manufactured by Enterprise and Rainbow Chicken Limited, and from the stool of one of the ill children.

They identified 157 factories with listeria, and over 12 000 tons of food was recalled and destroyed.

The plant was closed and Enterprise products were immediately pulled from shops nationwide.

The government has declared the end of the listeriosis outbreak, the world's deadliest on record, and has withdrawn advice against consuming ready-to-eat processed meat products.

Listeriosis killed at least 203 people in South Africa.

"No cases of listeria, due the outbreak strain, has been identified since the first week of June, 2018".

South African Health Minister, Aaron Motsoaledi talks to members of the media, 03 September 2018, at the National Health Laboratory offices in Sandringham, Johannesburg, during a press conference on the current state of the listeriosis in South Africa and the selling of alleged expired good in the country.

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