'Aggressive' passenger faces huge bill after forcing plane to turn around

Disruptive passenger forces Qantas flight to London to turn around

Disruptive passenger forces Qantas flight to London to turn around

Remaining passengers were still stuck in Perth, with the flight now scheduled to leave at 12pm on Sunday after the turnaround caused flight crew to go over their duty limits, forcing Qantas to delay the flight a day. They got him down to the back of the plane quite quickly.

Australian Federal Police officers took a 32-year-old man off the flight when it landed back in Perth.

A Qantas flight to London was forced to return to Perth about two hours after taking off due to a disruptive passenger.

The 17-hour nonstop flight to the United Kingdom was forced to turn around after the 32-year-old man locked himself in the plane's toilet.

"When he came out he started acting really aggressive and it looked like he was going to attack another one of the passengers".

The Boeing 787-9 Dreamliner was around two hours into the 17-hour trip on Sunday when the captain made a decision to fly back to its departure airport.

The disrutive passenger was reportedly handcuffed, masked, then removed by police, the report added.

"I think it was scary for quite a few people, one of the passengers I was with became quite agitated and quite upset, but I think the air crew were marvellous, they were very in control of the situation, they were calming passengers".

Passenger Christine Kohli said cabin crew asked passengers to help them control the man. "But for us, luckily, we were far enough away that we didn't feel threatened". "I think some of the passengers probably would have been quite scared", Hudson said.

Christine Kohli described the man as agitated and said he tried to scramble over seats before staff calmed him down with the help of passengers.

Passengers were provided with overnight accommodation, and eventually left Perth about 17 hours after their initial departure time, the airline said in a statement.

A Qantas spokesman said: "This type of disruption inconveniences our customers, and we take a zero tolerance approach to disruptive behaviour on board".

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