Numbers Still Favor Kavanaugh's Confirmation to Supreme Court

Sen. Susan Collins arrives at the Kennedy Center for a tribute concert for Sen. Edward Kennedy on Mar. 8 2009 in Washington DC

Sen. Susan Collins arrives at the Kennedy Center for a tribute concert for Sen. Edward Kennedy on Mar. 8 2009 in Washington DC

"Your swing vote could decide whether a rubber stamp for Trump's anti-healthcare, anti-woman, anti-labor agenda gets confirmed to the Supreme Court-costing millions of Americans their healthcare, their right to choose, and their lives".

Liberal activists in ME have raised more than $850,000 since August that they plan to donate to Rep. Susan Collins's next Democratic challenger if she votes to confirm Supreme Court nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

"This is the most consequential Supreme Court vacancy in a generation, yet it has been the least transparent confirmation process in recent history", Warner said. Lisa Murkowski. Confirming a Supreme Court nominee takes just 51 votes and Republicans now hold 51 seats.

"Senator Collins votes NO on Kavanaugh and you will not be charged, and no money will go to fund her future opponent", the platform wrote. If she votes no, the money will never be withdrawn from donors.

Laguens added that ME women "know that Kavanaugh would overturn Roe and chip away at access to safe, legal abortion if given the chance.Senator Collins needs to listen to the women of ME and continue to stand up for their most basic freedoms by opposing Brett Kavanaugh". "Senator Collins will make up her mind based on the merits of the nomination". Lisa Murkowski to call for a complete vetting of Kavanaugh. Murkowski is pro-choice in a generally anti-choice party, and abortion rights activists have been hoping to pressure her into voting against Kavanaugh.

The Planned Parenthood ads going up on Wednesday include women from a focus group conducted of swing voters in ME explaining their concerns about Kavanaugh and why they believe Collins should oppose him. And in recent polls, Manchin has been leading Republican nominee Patrick Morrissey.

That doesn't sound like someone who is impressed by the Democrats' disgusting antics. Although Obama won IN in 2008, the state is heavily Republican.

"If you vote yes for something without knowing the full story, that's irresponsible, like you're not doing your due diligence", one participant says in the ad, which is entitled "Not Enough Information".

North Dakota Sen. Heidi Heitkamp is also a red-state Democrat who voted for Gorsuch's confirmation and is up for reelection this year. She might be running for president, and acknowledging she was wrong about a Republican nominee would certainly hurt her. "Threats or other attempts to bully her will not play a factor in her decision making whatsoever".

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