Ghana's public says farewell to Kofi Annan

Kofi Annan's wife Nane Maria Lagergren and children Ama Kojo and Nina with other family members paying their last respects

Kofi Annan's wife Nane Maria Lagergren and children Ama Kojo and Nina with other family members paying their last respects

"He was also someone virtually anyone in the world could see themselves in: those on the far reaching of poverty or by, conflict and despair who found in him an ally; the junior United Nations staffers following in his footsteps; the young person to whom he said until his dying breath 'always remember, you are never too young to lead - and we are never too old to learn".

Professor Atsu Ayee of the Political Science Department of the University of Ghana said, "The lasting tribute we can give to Kofi Annan, Ghana's illustrious son, who rose through the ranks to head the United Nations, for a decade, is to emulate his sterling leadership skills and love for humanity".

"It came from the dignity and the moral conviction and the humanity that was so deep in him. And sometimes the graver a situation the lower that voice would get", he said of the man who served two terms. "And we were rewarded by his wisdom", Guterres said.

Guterres recalled how Kofi Annan pioneered ideas and initiatives like the Millennium Development Goals, and how he took the United Nations closer to the world and engaged people in protecting the environment, defending hunman rights and combatting HIV/Aids and other killer diseases.

Pointing to his time at the helm of the UN, Guterres said Annan had an nearly mystical sense of the role of the UN as a force for good in a world of ills.

He also initiated the Millennium Development Goals towards improving the lots of the poor around the world.

As someone who worked with Kofi Annan, Guterres said he would continually be inspired by the integrity, dynamism and dedication exhibited by Annan, especially so when he now occupies the post Annan once held.

"In this regard, the people of Kenya are grateful to him for the critical role he played as a mediator during the 2008 post-election crisis". North and South, East and West. He found the vision of a Ghana Beyond Aid, indeed of an African Beyond Aid, very appealing. This was no jest.

The UN chief said Annan is gone now and he would be missed immensely but that his words and wise counsel remain.

Kofi Annan's death was felt across the continent and the world at large.

"'Please carry on", I hear him saying.

Amid drumming, dancing and the performance of other rituals, tradition and culture took centre stage on the second day of the state funeral.

He was appointed the UN Chief in December 1996 by the Security Council and later confirmed by the General Assembly, becoming the first office holder to be elected from the UN staff itself.

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