OnePlus 6T will ditch headphone jack but bring better battery life

Massive OnePlus 6T Leak: Spces, Price and More

Massive OnePlus 6T Leak: Spces, Price and More

The company held on to the feature in question even when its rivals had ditched it. While Pei didn't mention the OnePlus 6T by name, he did confirm that the "next OnePlus handset", would not have a headphone jack. Pei was quick to note that it is not doing it for the sake of doing it, adding that this had been an option for a long time but the timing just wasn't right, until now. According to the company co-founder, more than 50 percent of OnePlus owners are already using wireless headphones - and that was before the company launched its Bullets Wireless headphones.

OnePlus is also touting a number of improvements and upgrades for the newly unveiled Type-C Bullets compared to the already powerful "classic" Bullets V2, including a higher dynamic range, higher signal-to-noise ratio, and lower noise floor.

So you have something that you can plug into your OnePlus 6T, the company is launching the Type-C Bullets, complete with a professional DAC from Ciruss Logic.

"Our original goal with the Type-C Bullets was to bring the audio standards of the Bullets V2 to a pair of Type-C earphones". In that case, OnePlus has you covered. The OnePlus 6T display will also include a "light-sensitive" fingerprint sensor embedded under the panel and a layer of Corning Gorilla Glass 6 on top for protection.

TechRadar sat down with OnePlus co-founder Carl Pei to discuss why the company is ditching the headphone jack from its "next smartphone".

And the reason for removing the headphone jack is simple and obvious; it frees up space to put "new technology" into the device. "One of the big things is something our users have asked us for, improved battery life".

All of these features are said to be packed into the OnePlus 6T for $569 (£440), however this price point, like the other unverified rumours throughout this article, should be taken with a pinch of salt.

A few days back, OnePlus officially confirmed that its next flagship smartphone will feature an in-display fingerprint sensor. This handset's display is only 0.1 inches larger, and that much more screen estate shouldn't dent battery life that much. There, the solution is always going to need to be a headphone jack.

Some of this new technology could be for the in-display fingerprint reader, but we'll find out more soon.

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