Google, Facebook, Twitter face European Union fines over extremist posts

Jean-Claude Juncker deals blow to Theresa May as Tory plotting intensifies

Jean-Claude Juncker deals blow to Theresa May as Tory plotting intensifies

Delivering his state of the union speech European Commission Jean-Claude Juncker says the grouping must remain open and tolerant and never turn its back on those suffering.

And he'll poke global locations to present up their national vetoes in some areas of worldwide policy.

In his annual State of the Union address to the European Parliament in Strasbourg, Juncker, who is entering his final year as president of the European Commission, urged EU states to rein in angry divisions over budgets, immigration and other issues in order to capitalize on a chance to shape the world.

The EU said in January that big tech companies that were part of its voluntary code of conduct companies had removed 70% of the content notified to them by European authorities within 24 hours, up from just 28% in mid 2016.

Juncker highlighted the difference between enlightened patriotism and unhealthy nationalism.

Jean-Claude Juncker says European Union members must help each other implement the standing rules on the treatment of migrants.

Pointing to questions in many countries over Washington's role as the global economic leader, Juncker may also say the euro should be better promoted as a world currency, querying why European Union energy imports, for example, are mostly priced in dollars when nearly none of them come from the United States.

He also called for swifter decision-making by increasing voting by qualified majority in the Council, saying, "Europe is an economic giant, but also has to become a political one". When asked people in Ireland voted overwhelmingly to stop the clock changes and I think we must all listen to the citizens of Europe on this. And to love Europe is to love the nations."Unchecked nationalism is riddled with poison and deceit".

Poland, which has broken ranks by suggesting in a closed-door meeting of the remaining 27 European Union states that they may have to pick between a tough stance on Ireland and having any deal with Britain, also sent a positive signal to London.

"This solidarity must be provided by member states if they want to retain the Schengen area without internal borders".

"There are no guarantees that our allies of yesterday will remain our allies of tomorrow", he added, announcing further proposals to strengthen the defence union, step up protection of EU external borders and reinforce the euro as an global currency. He branded such obstacles 'an unacceptable backward step in Europe'.

"We can't be talking every time about ad-hoc solutions for the people on board".

"The commission is expected to propose that, in spring 2021, we switch to summertime and leave the clocks there for good".

"We want to build a new partnership with Africa".

In his speech today Juncker also called for a "new alliance" with Africa that would create millions of jobs and include a free trade deal.

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