White House Buckles in For Hurricane Florence

A mandatory evacuation is in effect in preparation of the approaching Hurricane Florence

A mandatory evacuation is in effect in preparation of the approaching Hurricane Florence

Gargantuan waves towering up to 83 feet were crashing within Hurricane Florence's sprawling reach early Wednesday as the Category 4 monster continued its ominous advance on the East Coast, experts said.

A state of emergency has been declared in Maryland, North Carolina, South Carolina, Virginia and Washington amid concern over potential torrential rain and flooding.

The massive storm is threatening the East Coast of the USA with an expected landfall early Friday. A year ago, people would have laughed off such a forecast, but the European model was accurate in predicting 60 inches (150 centimeters) for Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area, so "you start to wonder what these models know that we don't", University of Miami hurricane expert Brian McNoldy said. The forecast shows landfall occurring early on September 15, 2018 after an update indicated weather conditions would slow down the storm; the update was issued on September 12, 2018.

According to CNN, the area covered by Florence's tropical storm-force winds (which are one step below hurricane-force) stretches about 280 miles, which is greater than the distance between Boston and Philadelphia.

The storm is now classified as a "major hurricane", meaning wind speeds are greater than 110 miles per hour.

"We will reopen these stores once we complete our post-hurricane assessment and determine that it's safe for our employees and customers to return", the statement read.

Due to the storm's enormous size and power, it's been a recent - if not frightening - muse for astronaut photography.

People fleeing coastal North and SC clogged highways early Wednesday as Florence bore down on the coast for a direct hit in a low-lying region dense with beachfront vacation homes.

North Carolina still faces life-threatening storm surge along the North Carolina coast.

Because of the force of Florence, major damage is expected not only in the areas directly hit by the hurricane but for huge swaths in every direction.

"It now looks increasingly possible that Florence will stay near the coast (either inland or just offshore) for a day or longer, perhaps moving southwest along the coast". It was packing winds of 215kmh and enough moisture to dump 30cm of rain on the region.

Following a statewide emergency declaration, Athens area hospitals and emergency service agencies on Wednesday prepared for what could be the most catastrophic hurricane to hit the mid-Atlantic coast in decades.

"It wants to get stronger", he said of the storm.

The National Hurricane Center Tuesday afternoon increased its rainfall forecast to 15-25 inches of rain with 35 inches in isolated spots.

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