Experts disagree on whether Dallas officer could be credible

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Botham Jean was shot and killed by Police Officer Amber Guyger in his apartment earlier this month. She said she only realized she wasn't in her own home after she had shot him and turned on the lights.

A warrant signed by 292nd District Court Judge Brandon Birmingham says police meant to search Jean's apartment for "any contraband, such as narcotics", that could "constitut [e] evidence of a criminal offense".

But experts on police training and psychologists are split on the credibility of Officer Amber Guyger's story.

Jean was shot dead on September 6 by officer Amber Guyger, who claims she mistook his apartment for her own, which is located one floor below, and thought he was a burglar.

He also says they may have included "narcotics" in the search warrant because someone may have already seen it out in the open in the apartment. Guyger has since been placed on administrative leave and charged with manslaughter; Jean died at a local hospital. We have a cop who clearly did something wrong.

"To have my son smeared in such a way, I think shows that there are people who are really nasty, who are really dirty and are going to cover up for the devil Amber Guyger", Allison Jean said. "In this situation, the officer allowed her fear to influence her decision-making and it cost an innocent man his life".

She called 911 and, when asked where she was, returned to the front door to see she was in the wrong unit, according to the affidavit.

"This is a question about her using deadly force and whether you could say, beyond a shadow of a doubt, that there is no reasonable view of what she did", said Eugene O'Donnell, a former police officer and prosecutor who is now a professor at the John Jay College of Criminal Justice.

Lawyer Lee Merritt, who represents the family of Botham Jean, said this showed investigators were trying to discredit the victim. But if we're looking for explanations and complexity, why have the Dallas police not released information regarding warrants to search Guyger's apartment, or even revealed whether they sought one?

Guyger was tested for drugs and alcohol after the incident but the findings of those tests have not been released. Jean then "confronted" Guyger "at the door", the document says, adding, "A neighbor stated he heard an exchange of words, immediately followed by at least two gunshots".

"I'm confident this district attorney's office is taking this case seriously", he said.

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