Galaxy Note 9 reportedly catches fire in woman's purse

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 explodes inside woman\'s purse in New York

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 explodes inside woman\'s purse in New York

A Samsung Galaxy Note 9 spontaneously caught fire inside a NY woman's purse earlier this month, according to a lawsuit.

The incident Chung recalled in her lawsuit came close to two years after a spate of battery-related issues led to the discontinuation of the Samsung Galaxy Note 7.

Real estate agent Diane Chung says in her lawsuit she was using the new handset on September 3 when it suddenly became "extremely hot", the New York Post reported Saturday. She then put it inside her purse, only for her to hear a "whistling and screeching noise", with thick smoke pouring out of the purse.

The account continues by saying that Chung tried to take the device out of the purse-burning her fingers in the process-the dense exuding smoke putting her in a state of panic in which she finally managed to kick the combusting device out of the elevator.

Chung says in her lawsuit she removed the phone by emptying her purse onto an elevator floor, but the fire didn't stop until a passerby picked up the handset with a cloth a placed it into a bucket of water, the newspaper reports. She claimed that the alleged fire destroyed everything that was in the purse, adding that she was unable to contact her real estate clients due to her "defective" Note 9.

Samsung representatives didn't immediately respond to a request for comment on Chung's lawsuit but told the Post that it hadn't received any reports of similar incidents involving the Note 9 and was investigating the matter. The latter recall was required after it was found that there were close to 100 cases of Note 7 units catching fire in the USA alone, as noted by Wired.

Prior to the Samsung Galaxy Note 9's release in August, the company's mobile head, D.J. Koh, assured consumers that the device's battery is "safer than ever".

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