One injured after rockfall at pristine beach in Zakynthos

Credit PA

Credit PA

A cliff collapsed in Greece at a popular beach on the western island of Zakynthos, resulting in injuries, while coast guard officials were seeking to determine whether there were any people missing.

Intense footage of a rockslide hitting a popular beach on the Greek island of Zakynthos shows people running in panic as a large section of a cliff peeled away and came crashing down on the sand below.

It is reported that the damage received vacationers do not threaten their lives.

The 21-year-old, who works for a tour company on the island, said: "The rock that fell, oh gosh, it would be like a four storey building falling onto the beach".

"There was a noise and a small piece of rock fell, then a second bigger and finally a third big piece of rock that during the fall created a sea whirlpool that overturned the boats", one eyewitness said. However, authorities conducted searches out of an abundance of caution.

Sniffer dogs have now been deployed by local authorities to search for anyone trapped by the landslide, although the local coastguard said that everyone who had visited the beach had been accounted for.

The coastguard said everyone who had visited the beach on tourist boats had been accounted for.

Lynette Bridges, 58, was on a tour boat, pulling up to "Shipwreck Beach" as the incident happened.

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