US Open Umpire Makes First Public Statement

Chair umpire Carlos Ramos docked Serena Williams a game during the US Open final for'verbal abuse

Chair umpire Carlos Ramos docked Serena Williams a game during the US Open final for'verbal abuse

Those three words arrived in the Twittersphere pre-packaged in that familiar post-internet snark, dripping with equal measures of pit-sweat and eye-roll. If it was wrong, it should prompt a discussion about what needs to be changed in either the rules or the interpretation of the rules to reduce officiating errors.

In becoming her country's first ever Grand Slam singles champion, Osaka, the daughter of a Haitian father and Japanese mother, is also helping break new ground in Japan as her biracial identity challenges the country's self-image as a racially homogenous society.

Apart from the possibility that the match may not have been over at the time, her behaviour can not be condoned.

It all started when chair umpire Carlos Ramos issued Williams with a warning for supposedly having gotten coaching via a hand signal from her coach Patrick Mouratoglou in the stands. "This is evidence of people just not being willing to call out the truth, which is Serena cheated and got caught". "Don't worry about me", Ramos said while speaking to Portuguese newspaper Tribuna Expresso, according to The Associated Press.

I hate to sound whiny, but Serena's incident, whether you think she is a sore loser or not, should bring us to think about how we treat women who are not conventionally "ladylike".

This last outburst cost Williams a game, impacting the match and tarnishing what should have been a great win and a shining moment for her competitor, Naomi Osaka.

Former star Martina Navratilova says there is no excuse for Serena Williams' behaviour, even if she did have a wee point.

Her grievances came after chair umpire Carlos Ramos chose to penalise her with three violation codes that resulted in a one-game penalty. "Maybe it's coincidence", Williams said. "I have seen other men call other umpires several things. I'm not going to really think too far ahead", Osaka said.

"She makes some good points and they're points that need to be taken seriously by the tennis establishment", Ellis said. "And it never led to this kind of conversation and this kind of worldwide debate", she says.

I'm happy to admit I don't mind the occasional outburst, anyone who's played any sport with or against me knows that. Everyone who has experienced discrimination can empathise with her passionate plea. Due to her ferocious serve and her down-to-earth humility, the 20-year-old has won the hearts of people on and off the court.

The United States Tennis Association (USTA) and Women's Tennis Association (WTA), however, supported Williams' accusations that Ramos' actions were based in sexism.

Ultimately, Ms. Williams lost a match that she was likely to lose anyway, and the controversy should take nothing away from the excellent play of victor Naomi Osaka (Ms. Williams was also fined US$17,000 for the three code violations). It was an infraction, whether Williams benefited from the coaching or not.

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