Iranian mayor apologises over billboard showing Israeli troops

Iranian city mocked after it commemorates Iran Iraq war with billboard featuring IDF

Iranian city mocked after it commemorates Iran Iraq war with billboard featuring IDF

The Mossad IL folks recognized the IDF soldiers in downtown Shiraz, and posted the original stock image, which, by the way, included a female soldier the Iranian graphics guy omitted from his version, and declared: "Mission complete".

The banner was pulled down from the southwestern city on Wednesday night and the mayor issued an apology the next day.

An Iranian mayor apologised for a billboard in his city that mistakenly featured Israeli soldiers while attempting to mark the Iran-Iraq war.

The billboard which was erected in Namazi Square in Shiraz. shows three soldiers from the rear standing on a hill and looking ahead, with Persian verses alongside which said: "The wise men went and we still see their greatness. and we see on the mountain their dark shadows" referring to Iranian soldiers who died in the war with Iraq.

"This mistake of putting up such a despicable banner during the sacred defence week is unforgivable", Mayor Heydar Eskandarpour was quoted as saying. In recent days, the country has been marking the start of the conflict which began on September 22, 1980.

Two public relation officials at the municipality were later fired on Thursday night, according to news agency Fars. Reports on Twitter suggested the PR director for the city was arrested.

Many took to Twitter with pictures of the billboard and the original image - which had a female soldier standing next to the three male soliders.

One Twitter poster pointed out that the M16 guns, straps, clothes and hats worn by the soldiers all belonged to "Zionists", and called the billboard idiotic.

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