World's longest nonstop flight departs Singapore for NY

Singapore airlines

Singapore airlines

The world's longest flight is taking travelers from Singapore to NY. I flew here via Frankfurt and am flying back on this non-stop service.

The earlier version of this Singapore Airlines route, a decade ago, used four engine planes, and they weren't efficient enough. From Singapore to Newark, the flight will run about 17 hours and 25 minutes; it's the return flight from Newark to Singapore that will likely exceed 19 hours.

Entertainment-wise, these flights will feature Singapore's standard in-flight entertainment system, but will also be outfitted with an additional 200 hours of entertainment to allow for more choices. The first flight in that direction took off from Newark at 11.10am on Friday.

Despite the rise in oil prices, several big airlines hope to secure the market of ultra-long-haul flights by using fuel-efficient planes.

The World's longest flight, with 161 passengers, began its journey from Singapore's Changi Airport and landed at the Newark Liberty Airport at 0529 US Eastern time.

The cabin of the A350-900ULR has higher-than-normal ceilings, larger windows and lighting created to reduce jet lag and dining options included dishes the airline said were specifically selected to promote well-being in the skies, with organic dishes on the menu.

The departure gate was a well-covered celebration, and there are at least two journalists on board that I know of, live-blogging, tweeting and Instagramming the entire flight. I enjoy the passion of flying, ' he told AFP, adding he would binge on the in-flight entertainment.

'I fly for fun. I'm an aviation enthusiast, ' Messaggio said.

"Research has shown that hydration and food intake are important factors (to consider), such as avoiding foods that cause gas or bloating as well as excessive alcohol", Rhenu Bhuller, a healthcare expert at consultancy Frost & Sullivan, told AFP.

"The A350-900ULR is an aircraft that levels the playing field and will let us connect many more points within the Singapore on a nonstop basis".

But the carrier is hoping that the introduction of more fuel-efficient planes will set cash registers ringing even as crude prices soar above Dollars 80.

The airline has no plans to offer any economy bookings on the route.

It topped the previous longest direct air link between cities - Qatar Airways flight QR921 from Auckland to Doha, which takes 17 hours 40 minutes.

Facing increasingly strong competition in recent years, Singapore Airlines has consolidated its low-fare subsidiaries and is strengthening its premium segment.

Singapore Airlines is the first company in the world to operate Airbus' A350-900ULR. It received the first aircraft in September. Six more are due for delivery by the end of the year. "The flights will offer our customers the fastest way to travel between the two cities-in great comfort, together with Singapore Airlines' legendary service-and will help boost connectivity to and through the Singapore hub".

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