These lesbian moms both carried the same baby in groundbreaking pregnancy

Same-sex couples normally rely on IVF to have a child that shares their

Same-sex couples normally rely on IVF to have a child that shares their

INVOcell is basically a form of IVF, but instead of the egg being fertilized in a lab, the egg and sperm are put in a small vial that's inserted into a woman's vagina, along with a diaphragm to ensure it stays in place, according to a 2012 study that outlines the procedure. In this case, they went into an INVOcell device, which was then implanted in Bliss's body for five days.

Ashleigh and Bliss said they feel blessed to be able to share this experience together and more children are in their future.

In a medical first, two mothers have carried the same baby: Ashleigh Coulter gave birth to a son both she and her wife Bliss Coulter carried, thanks to a breakthrough method of in vitro fertilization.

Bliss' eggs were harvested and inseminated in August 2017.

According to fertility specialists Dr Kathy Doody and her husband Dr Kevin Doody, of the CARE Fertility in Texas, the couple used a technique known as reciprocal effortless IVF, reports USA Today.

"I think many have been excited about the thought but Kevin is correct, doctors in general, we don't like change so I think that their ability to share their story is phenomenal", Kathy said.

Bliss explained that even though she never meant to carry her own baby, she said it was important for her to raise awareness for "the LGBT community as a whole, to let everybody know there are other options out there and different ways to start a family". It starts like traditional IVF.

Because embryos don't have livers, kidneys or lungs, traditionally, electromechanical devices like incubators are used in labs to remove toxins and try to maintain a supportive environment for the embryo. Though he only received DNA from Bliss and the couple's sperm donor, Ashleigh told the newspaper that he's also taking after her. Ashleigh was pregnant after the first try.

Ashleigh lauded the doctors for coming up with a concept that involves both people in the relationship.

"She got to carry him for five days and was a big part of the fertilization, and then I carried him for nine months", Ashleigh Coulter said.

Stetson is a happy, healthy 5-month-old baby. She said, Image source " It was so exciting knowing that I was growing my own biological child inside of me".

How does Reciprocal Effortless IVF work?

The cost of effortless IVF using INVOcell is about half the cost of traditional IVF, which usually runs $14,000 to $16,000 with medication. Bliss and Ashleigh were married in 2016.

A groundbreaking new IVF treatment has let a same-sex couple become the first women in the world to take turns carrying their unborn baby.

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