‘Discrepancy’ in account of Leave campaign funding, says senior MP

Arron Banks tweet Nov 2018

Arron Banks tweet Nov 2018

It came as Mr Banks, the subject of a National Crime Agency probe into the source of £8million of campaign funding in the run up to the Brexit vote, insisted the cash had not come from Russian Federation.

Businessman Arron Banks has been challenged to explain where the money for his Brexit campaign came from.

It also said that the loan arrangements may have involved an offshore company, Rock Holdings, in breach of electoral law.

It suspected Banks was not the "true source" of loans to the campaign and the money had come "from impermissible sources" - noting several meetings with senior Russian officials about gold mining.

Collins told BBC Radio 4's Today programme that Banks' TV appearance had gone "not very far" in establishing the facts.

Banks, along with Leave.EU, Better for the Country (BFTC) and another senior campaign figure, Elizabeth Bilney, were referred to the NCA, Britain's equivalent to the Federal Bureau of Investigation, by the Electoral Commission.

The tycoon is also facing allegations he may have misled parliament over links between Leave.EU and his aforementioned insurance business, Eldon Insurance, during the referendum.

He previously told MPs in June that Rock Services is a treasury function and just delivers the cash. It's not selling products and services and generating cash.

"The money came from Rock Services, which was a United Kingdom limited company".

"If Rock Services made the donation, where did the money come from for Rock Services to do that?"

The Labour MP Ben Bradshaw wrote to Theresa May on Friday to ask whether the government had blocked requests to conduct an investigation into Banks, amid repeated allegations that an inquiry was prevented during her time as home secretary.

One of the leading figures behind Britain's decision to leave the European Union now says he would vote for the United Kingdom to remain, claiming it would have been better to "not unleash these demons" created by Brexit.

The "unprecedented" involvement of the NCA in the case was an important step because the agency was able to examine all financial records of Banks's businesses, including in areas outside United Kingdom jurisdiction such as the Isle of Man, said Mr Collins. "I want to be absolutely clear about that", he said. "But this isn't a question of what should be done about the referendum".

"It's important that the investigation goes ahead as quickly as possible and that Arron Banks is investigated".

"There are two issues here".

During his interview on the Andrew Marr show, Mr Banks had denied that any of the donations made to one of the Leave campaign group's that triumphed in the 2016 referendum had come from Russian sources.

Both Bilney and Banks deny any wrongdoing, with the latter posting a flurry of tweets on Friday evening.

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