Android apps will update while you're using them

Women can be charged up to £,7,000 for giving birth

Women can be charged up to £,7,000 for giving birth

In flexible app update function, it allows Android users to keep using the app even while it is being updated.

The new API will give developers the choice of letting an app lock users out while it installs updates or to let users continue using them as the update is downloaded and installed in the background. Immediate displays a full-screen message right when a player boots up an Android app that prompts them to update the app. Google has introduced new tools and features at Android Developer Summit. "We're testing the API with early access partners and will be launching it to all developers soon".

The latter - which Google calls "flexible in-app update" - will be for new but not pressing features.

This month over 118,000 new projects using Kotlin started in Android Studio, marking a 10-fold increase on a year ago, according to Google.

Google is giving Android developers a new application programming interface (API) that lets them force users into updating to the latest version of their app.

Google has also announced that in less than a year, the app has a whopping 30 million monthly users, which I am sure is earning Google some $$$. You can completely customise the update flow so it feels like part of your app.

Along with the new updates API, Google official rolled out support for foldable devices on the eve of celebrating ten-years of Android.

Overall, it's a good package of announcements that Google went live at Android Developers summit. The API will give developers a couple options when it comes to updates.

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