Borat Gets Out the Vote for ‘Premier’ Trump on ‘Jimmy Kimmel Live!’

Borat returns to Jimmy Kimmel

Borat returns to Jimmy Kimmel

Sacha Baron Cohen's most famous caricature other than Ali G, the Kazakhstani reporter Borat, returned to television screens on Tuesday to "tamper" with the U.S. midterm elections.

He then went door to door in Los Angeles to, in his words, "do election tampering". So, it's up to Kazakhstan to swing the midterms for Premier Trump.

In his first onscreen appearance since 2012, the bumbling Kazakh journalist went door-to-door in a California neighborhood for an election special broadcast of 'Jimmy Kimmel Live!

Borat drove the conversation with three voters on a variety of, er, touchy subjects, such as immigration policy and whether the President is a racist.

In a second Trump supporter's house Borat says there isn't a problem being a racist.

In another scene, Borat knocks on a door to be greeted by a woman. "I am a racist, it is nice", he smiled.

Alternatively, in a world overflowing with outright lies more easily disproven than a fake Kazakhstani, it kinda makes sense that Borat could still fool some very trusting Americans. Another explained why Trump isn't a racist: "In my opinion, the fake news people say he is a racist and I don't believe he is and I don't see any evidence of that".

Borat spoke with various individuals in the video and also visited a polling station.

Cohen ended the piece by saying, "Back to you now, Jimmy, you liberal elitist Hollywood bubble globalist Jew mouthpiece". Cohen posted a pic of Borat with an ID that clearly wasn't his on his Instagram page saying, "I voted, Great Success".

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