Sony's Stealth Released a New PS4 Pro Model, and It's Quieter

Sony Play Station 4 Pro Gets a Quieter Model With a Silent Launch

Sony Play Station 4 Pro Gets a Quieter Model With a Silent Launch

The CUH-7200 model of the device seemingly uses a new power supply, which has lowered the noise output of the PlayStation 4 Pro. Digital Foundry have reviewed the new unit and have confirmed that it no longer sounds like a jet engine during intense gaming moments.

This new model runs a few decibels quieter than a previously updated version Sony released in 2017, which itself ran a few decibels quieter than the original 2016 model. That makes for a six-to-seven-decibel noise reduction from the launch model. Arguably, the existence of the Pro has spurred on the adoption and continued development of reconstruction and temporal-based rendering techniques that have allowed relatively modest hardware to punch above its weight in addressing the next generation of display technology - technologies that will surely persist into development for the next wave of consoles. However, it is still not as quiet as the Xbox One X.

Having your console whirring away is an unwelcome distraction and one that you'd rather avoid if you could.

The latest PS4 Pro ships with the model number "CUH-7200", which the second revised PS4 Pro on the market.

The caveat is that the only way to acquire this new version of the PS4 Pro is to buy a Red Dead Redemption 2 Bundle, which is available in various forms (some with additional games).

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