Trump calls results a 'tremendous success'

Democrats will capture US House of Representatives Fox News projects

Democrats will capture US House of Representatives Fox News projects

Under a Democratic-controlled House, Democrats will have more authority and fewer constraints on their ability to exercise oversight of the Trump administration and could launch investigations into the President's finances, including going after his tax returns, as well as ramp up a probe into the possibility that the Trump campaign colluded with the Russian government to win the White House, which Trump has denied.

Democrats won half the seats they needed to claim House control with dozens additional competitive contests remaining.

Republicans now have majorities in both chambers of Congress, but polls show that the Democrats are poised to capture the House of Representatives.

"Today is more than about Democrats and Republicans".

By 11:30 p.m. Eastern, ABC was reporting Democrats had won 209 seats and Republicans 190 had been elected to the House, making it clear that there would be no "blue wave" as Democrats had been promising for months.

But White House spokeswoman Sarah Huckabee Sanders minimized the magnitude of likely Democratic gains. It's a long night to go.

Markets in Asia and Europe mostly rose on Wednesday, but analysts warned about the economic impact from gridlock on Capitol Hill left the two houses of Congress split between Democrats and Republicans.

Speaking on Fox News, Sanders said the candidates that Trump campaigned for are doing well. By noon, polls were open in every state, including Hawaii and Alaska.

In a statement, Senate Democratic Leader Andrea Stewart Cousins said, "The voters of NY state have spoken and they have elected a clear Democratic majority to the state Senate".

In particular, she mentioned the upset of Sen.

Almost 4 in 10 said they were casting ballots to express opposition to him, while just 1 in 4 said their vote was an expression of support for the president.

Two other sources close to the White House said that Trump is already blaming retiring House Speaker Paul Ryan for the loss of the House.

As for Republicans retaining control of the Senate, she called it "a huge moment and victory for the president".

Trump has crisscrossed the country in the weeks leading up to Election Day, hosting "Make America Great Again" rallies to campaign for Republicans in an effort to maintain the majority of the House and Senate, and pick up or hold some governor's mansions along the way. Of those who disapproved of Obama, 86 percent voted for a Republican House candidate.

The President framed the election as a choice between what he has described as Republican law and order and a Democratic "mob" and spoke extensively about immigration and securing the border in the final days of the fall campaign season. In addition, 36 states and three territories are holding gubernatorial elections. "They're not waiting. They're putting this marker down".

Hannah Ackermann said officials at the polling site offered various explanations for the delay, including blaming workers who didn't show up and overloaded machines.

But she added: "A Democratic Congress will work for solutions that bring us together, because we have all had enough of division".

"But when we can't find that common ground, we will stand our ground".

Takeya Sneeze, a 35-year-old African-American woman, said poll workers were "pumping provisional ballots like crack dealers in the '80s". "We will finally give New Yorkers the progressive leadership they have been demanding", she tweeted.

The Center for Responsive Politics projected that the 2018 election was, by far, the most expensive midterm election in USA history.

"Lavrov said he is hopeful that the election will help stabilize domestic politics in the U.S".

He said, "All the accusations that we will be meddling in today's elections turned out to be empty statements".

A number of other politicians have also responded to the results, giving their verdict on the night.

Dry weather was forecast for the West and Southwest, but significant snow accumulations were expected across the northern Rockies.

In the broader fight for control in the Trump era, the political and practical stakes on Tuesday were sky high.

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