More Blizzard IPs Will Get Mobile Games

Blizzard to Make Mobile Games for All of its IPs

Blizzard to Make Mobile Games for All of its IPs

"I'm not against having a mobile game too, but not INSTEAD of a PC game, We've been waiting for far too long for another Diablo 3 expansion or better yet, Diablo 4", signed one petitioner. "The most unsafe thing you can do in life is play it safe".

Blizzard is right now one of the most happening gaming companies.

The news that Blizzard is revisiting the classic real-time strategy aspects of the Warcraft franchise years after pivoting to MMO with the wildly successful World of Warcraft was enough to fuel speculation that a fourth installment in the series might be underway. Back in August Blizzard put out a video called The Future of Diablo, but even that just said the same thing we've heard elsewhere about there being "multiple Diablo projects" in the works - which, to its credit, Blizzard has been very vocal about.

The dragged-on overwhelming negativity from the Diablo community hasn't been helped by Blizzard's actions, for what it's worth, as the reaction to no support for the PC being, "What, do you guys not have phones, " was especially bad. Blizzard showed it off in style, with two big trailers, a dev on stage breaking it down, and a Q&A panel usually reserved for that year's biggest reveal immediately after.

Everyone is disappointed and it's expected that this mobile game will not turn out to be a success so we will have to wait to see how Activation tackles this all. I also think Diablo: Immortal has the potential to actually be a pretty neat mobile game, if undoubtedly not a replacement for a proper sequel. It's literally gutting the game to shape it around the mobile monetization model.

GameSpot went hands-on with Diablo Immortal at BlizzCon, and editor Alessandro Fillari was surprisingly impressed by the game in this early stage. People were really angry about Diablo Immortal's announcement as a mobile game, despite the fact that Blizzard had warned everyone weeks in advance that Diablo 4 probably wasn't going to be there. Blizzard is developing the title alongside free-to-play veteran and longtime partner NetEase, if that's any indication as to the business model it may use.

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