Activision Blizzard Explains Why it’s Giving Away ‘Destiny 2’

Destiny 2 Forsaken  Gambit could be the next big thing

Destiny 2 Forsaken Gambit could be the next big thing

Destiny 2's Forsaken DLC marked a big step-up in quality from previous efforts Curse of Osiris and Warmind.

"Destiny 2" active players grew over the past quarter thanks to the release of expansion Forsaken, but Activision Blizzard still isn't happy with its sales, so it made a decision to give the game away for two weeks, the company's CEO and president told analysts during an earnings call this week. To do this, Activision is also looking at new ways to engage players and earn more money through microtransactions, with the latter statement applying to all Activision franchises, not just Destiny 2: Forsaken.

Presently, Destiny 2 uses Silver as its in-game currency. No stranger to this is Activision, who's Call of Duty franchise is now expected to have some sort of microtransaction-type system built in with each new entry.

Although pleased with what Johnson calls a "deeply engaged" player base, Activision is focusing now both on trying to get lapsed players to return to the experience as well as providing incentive to new audiences. That surge in joy could be seen in sales numbers for the game as well, as Destiny 2 was offered for free in September over on PS Plus, resulting in plenty of purchases of its expansion content.

"We have not yet seen the full core re-engage in Destiny, which has kind of led to the underperformance against expectations to date". Heck, Destiny 2 was pretty much the top-grossing console game of the month, beating even the mighty Fortnite. He says that although players think they're staying dormant but they're "hoping now is the time to work and bring players back in".

Despite the missed sales, monthly active users for the Destiny franchise grew quarter-over-quarter and year-over-year for the period ended September 30. So when you're in, you're deeply engaged.

As a game, Destiny 2 is better than ever thanks to sweeping changes that were introduced in the Forsaken expansion.

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