Fallout 76 Devs Address BETA Feedback with Update Plans Detailed

Fallout 76 beta locked to 63FPS on the PC because reasons

Fallout 76 beta locked to 63FPS on the PC because reasons

In a recent Reddit post, Bethesda commented on the changes it was looking to make before or for launch, as well as post-launch. Of course, the Fallout 76 pre-load option is only available to those who have pre-ordered the game. Once available, or shortly before, we'll be sure to post our patch notes that let you know when to expect it.

This list addresses all of the Fallout 76 BETA problems we noted in our article on the subject, except for the issue of your display name being tied to your Gamertag/Bethesda.net account. Among these are a larger stash and the addressing of certain exploits. Bethesda stated that it hasn't supported FOV sliders in its previous games as it is known to break a lot of animations and causes a lot of clipping to occur onscreen.

These are the most prominent issues Bethesda chose to focus on, but the company has been clear that it sees Fallout 76 as an ongoing project.

One of the biggest complaints from the PC crowd was the "always on" chat without an option for "push-to-talk". 'The stories you've been sharing, the feedback you've provided, and the issues you've made us aware of have been appreciated along this journey'. Some of the tweaks are more technical in nature, while others address unintended bugs that could severely hamper the game experience.

Loud Gunshot/Noises: The issue of players hearing sudden random gunshot/loud sounds around Appalachia will be addressed in a future update near launch. Having never done a multiplayer game of this manner before, this is something wholly new for Bethesda and they seem to be keeping to their word when it comes to further curating and improving Fallout 76 alongside their community. Upcoming features have also been outlined somewhat but here are 14 things that Fallout 76 still desperately needs.

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