Cloudflare brings its privacy-focused DNS switching service to phones

Cloudflare brings its privacy-focused DNS switching service to phones

Cloudflare brings its privacy-focused DNS switching service to phones

CloudFlare's DNS resolver claims to be different from your ISP's or other DNS alternatives like Google Public DNS and Cisco OpenDNS. And now the company is bringing its alternative DNS service to users on iOS and Android with an easy to use app. With the new app version, you will notice Cloudflare has been optimized to run on mobile.

While mobile devices could have already used the service by switching the DNS servers manually, by utilizing this app users can enable the service by simply toggling it on in the app. Luckily, CloudFlare has launched an app to make it easy.

For privacy, Cloudflare is suggesting that since this is their DNS resolver, they don't plan to track or sell any of the information on you, like your ISP could now try and do from their own DNS.

DNS, or Domain Name System, resolves IP addresses with the names of matching websites.

Cloudflare adds that not only will speed up your Internet, but it will also keep your Internet service provider from snooping on your online activity.

However, it's important to note that while uses a VPN to route your internet traffic to its DNS, it doesn't proxy your internet use as a VPN does.

Acceleration of the Internet can be noticeable only in terms of the initial loading of web pages - downloading and sending files is unlikely to become much faster.

Beyond that, millions of websites rely on Cloudflare for performance and security.

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The problem with most DNS revolvers, Cloudflare argues, is that they are usually slow. Now the app still asks for Photos/Media/Files and for Wi-Fi connection information, due to the Instabug reporting library used by developers.

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