LG introduced speakers with Google Assistant and Youtube

The LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 is the company's first Smart Display, costs $300

The LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 is the company's first Smart Display, costs $300

Earlier this year, LG unveiled the WK9 as its very first smart display that's powered by Google Assistant.

LG's smart display was simply called the WK9 when it was first announced, but its full name is now confirmed to be the XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9.

Offering high-fidelity sound, the XBOOM WK9 pledges crystal clear sound (for music and video chatting), with precise playback and accurate bass.

The new LG XBOOM AI ThinQ WK9 smart speaker is launching in the USA, the device will also be headed to other countries. The device comes equipped with a front-facing camera for video conferencing and stereo 20W speakers. In the United States, LG sells a wide range of innovative home appliances, home entertainment products, mobile phones, commercial displays, air conditioning systems, solar energy solutions and vehicle components.

LG Electronics started rolling out an intelligent speaker with an 8-inch touch display that combines the functionalities of the Google Assistant with Meridian Audio sound technology to create a device designed for the smart home. Further features include its ability to allow users to use their voice to talk to the Google Assistant at any time.

The LG WK9 is tuned by the guys at Meridian Audio, which LG says will set it apart from the competition. Fortunately, LG is slashing $100 off the WK9 for the holiday season, bringing the price down to just $199.99. "That makes it a pretty good deal, considering that the Lenovo Smart Display 8" costs about the same and it's a lot easier on the eyes than the JBL Link View (in my opinion).

The market for smart speakers is growing at a steady clip, and also evolving-some of the latest versions have a built-in screen, like LG's Smart Display. It is available only in Black colour option and the company has not yet revealed the price and sale date of the device.

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