New Far Cry game revealed with post-apocalyptic setting

Ubisoft Teased A New ‘Far Cry’ Game Set In A Post Apocalyptic Hope County

Ubisoft Teased A New ‘Far Cry’ Game Set In A Post Apocalyptic Hope County

Ubisoft has revealed that a new Far Cry game will be announced tomorrow at The Game Awards 2018.

It's looking like the next Far Cry is going to be set after the end of the world.

We'll just have to wait for the Game Awards to find out - alongside the rumored Crash Team Racing announcement.

Okay, we'll admit it Geoff - we're hyped.

A New Far Cry Game - What Happened In Far Cry 5?

It will be interesting to see what form this next Far Cry takes, as it's only been nine months since the release of Far Cry 5. After the world burns following the nuke's detonation, we see a character holding a crossbow that seems to use buzzsaws as ammunition.

It's worth noting that none of the branding or wording in this trailer specifically mentions Far Cry 5. If you take a closer look at the trailer, you may notice that in the first frame we see the dropping of a nuclear bomb just in the background, with a familiar-looking Montana-esque barn and a U.S. flag next to it. My money's on something similar to Far Cry Primal - a full-scale game, featuring a new setting, that largely reuses the basic map/geography of a previous game. We'll report more on this new project when it is formally revealed at The Game Awards tomorrow night.

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