The Internet is Freaking Out About Tom Cruise's Motion Smoothing PSA

TomCruise  Twitter

TomCruise Twitter

Tom Cruise and director Christopher McQuarrie are here to warn movie lovers about a danger they're very likely unaware of.

Millions of Britons bought HD-ready televisions over the past decade on the promise of being able to enjoy their favourite programmes in superior picture quality. Hence the nickname for this infamous technology: the soap opera effect.

CNET's written about the Soap Opera Effect in the past (this is a good article about it), and we agree wholeheartedly regarding turning off motion smoothing while watching films (it has its objective for other content, such as sporting events). This video featuring action film star Tom Cruise lacks the drama of most of the stuff he's involved with - but the message is still an important one for movie fans and tech geeks.

The setting known as "motion smoothing" is created to make fast-moving images from sport and videogames look less blurry, by putting in artificial frames. He has called on everyone to turn off a default setting on most modern TVs - saying it makes his films look like a cheap soap opera. It's most useful when watching sport.

McQuarrie chimed in, expressing his concern about motion smoothing: "If you own a modern high definition television, there's a good chance you're not watching movies the way the film maker intended, and the ability to do so is not simple for you to access". McQuarrie advises viewers to Google how to disable motion smoothing.

Motion smoothing, which goes by different names depending on your TV manufacturer, does exactly what the name suggests - smooths out video. According to BBC, part of the reason is because the actor is lacking when it comes to height. In this movie, Cruise reprises his role as Maverick from the 1986 film Top Gun.

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