'Far Cry: New Dawn' Cover Teases Return To Montana

'Far Cry New Dawn' turns Hope County into a nuclear wasteland next year

'Far Cry New Dawn' turns Hope County into a nuclear wasteland next year

It's rumored that the new Far Cry Apocalypse game, likely now called Far Cry New Dawn, starts where things left off in one of the endings in Far Cry 5, where Montana got struck by a nuclear bomb. While pre-orders are now available for Far Cry New Dawn, the game will be released on Playstation 4, the Xbox One family of devices, and Windows PC on February 15 for $39.99. Except this one's gonna be all future-y. It will be interesting to see how the game plays, and how closely its map borrows from Far Cry 5's. As you progress through the game, other survivors sympathetic to your cause will rock up to your home and liven it up with laughter and songs. And at the same time, on my end, after [working on a number of Far Cry games] I was really looking for a way to change the dynamic of the moments you spend with the villain.

The name is, fittingly, New Dawn, and the art follows the same pattern as previous franchise titles. There is also Nana, an elderly lady who is a stealthy sniper, described as a sharp shooter with a sharp tongue.

A gun-toting granny is all well and good, but what of Far Cry 5's animal companions? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. You'll also get the chance to rate their performance.

After Ubisoft's teaser about a new Far Cry game last day, a cover image for the same seems to have leaked online which shows the name of the new game as Far Cry: New Dawn.

Decant is ready. "Far Cry: New Dawn is actually a great way to discover Far Cry", he says. Alongside that some brand new screenshots for the game are available. Then, if you choose to return and send them off in a further mess of dirt clouds and skid marks, so to speak, you have better loot to return to Prosperity base.

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