This is the best time to get your flu vaccines

Flu targets workplaces - Kelowna News

Flu targets workplaces - Kelowna News

It may also eliminate the need to get a flu shot every year.

Webby said a "slightly reassuring signal" this year is that the H1N1 strain is the dominant strain of flu circulating.

How well the influenza vaccine works (or its ability to prevent influenza illness) can range widely from season to season.

"Unfortunately, over half of all adults are now unvaccinated, with 4 in 10 not intending to get vaccinated, placing themselves and those around them at risk", said Caroline Pearson of the NORC at University of Chicago, also stating that widespread vaccination doesn't just help the individual but protects those who can not get vaccinated through herd immunity.

Now there is research underway to develop a universal flu vaccine that provides improved protection against more subtypes of the virus. "There is also ongoing research to reduce the time to manufacture and develop the vaccine from months to weeks", said Mayer.

Throughout the flu season, typically lasting from October through April, health officials also recommend following basic practices.

"The flu should not be taken lightly". This includes babies and young children, pregnant women, people with chronic health conditions and people 65 years and older. "This also helps to stop the spread of flu" said Mayer.

How can nurses encourage their patients to get vaccinated? Active Duty Service members should follow their service policy for getting vaccinated and making sure it's recorded.

"If you or someone you know is suffering from flu and they're lethargic or unable to think clearly, or unable to wake up from sleep and appear to be sleeping really, really deep and you can't wake them up, those are reasons to get them emergent care", says Howard. Among children, effectiveness rates were higher: Children who got the shot were 59% seek medical care for the virus, the CDC reported this year.

As of mid-November, only 43% of surveyed people 18 or older said they had gotten vaccinated against the flu, according to NORC, which has conducted the National Immunization Survey for the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention since 2005. I try to help people understand the science behind vaccine development and how the body develops immunity.

LAIV (Flumist) will not be included in this year's DoD vaccine order but DoD facilities do have the capability to purchase Flumist through the Defense Logistics Agency and individuals may receive Flumist through their Tricare accepting network retail pharmacies. The top reasons show concern over the vaccine's side effects and efficacy. "Perhaps the healthy adults are at a fairly small risk of getting a very very severe flu infection, but if they do get infected, they're potentially still infecting others". That's not as high as the measles vaccine, but it still amounts to millions of cases of flu that should not have happened.

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