Mark Herring and Democratic Attorneys General appeal Obamacare Ruling

The House Democrats' rules package includes a provision to allow the Speaker to

The House Democrats' rules package includes a provision to allow the Speaker to"intervene in the Texas ACA case

Weiser said defending the Affordable Care Act will be his first task as Colorado's new attorney general.

House Democrats are putting defense of the law at the center of their agenda. However, it could eventually become the third major Obamacare case to reach the Supreme Court.

The Democrat-controlled House will vote next week on whether to intervene in a GOP-led lawsuit against Obamacare in an attempt to protect the Obama-era health care legislation from a Texas federal judge's ruling that it is unconstitutional.

O'Connor's ruling said that since a 2017 tax overhaul eliminated the penalty for those who did not have insurance, Obamacare could not be considered a tax-a technicality that formed the basis of an earlier Supreme Court ruling upholding it. O'Connor struck down the heath care law on December 14 after siding with plaintiffs in the case. But the fact that Republicans remain in control of the Senate may thwart such any such effort, and it nearly certainly would be vetoed by President Trump if it did clear Congress.

With the House under Democratic control, repeal is out of the question for Republican foes of "Obamacare". The current lawsuit claims that the zeroing out of that "tax" means that constitutional underpinning of the entire law is removed. Sign-ups in the 39 states were about 5 percent lower than a year ago, despite the administration's deep cuts to the advertising budget and Trump's ongoing disdain for the program. "That is why so many of us are committed to defending the ACA".

"This case impacts almost every American", Becerra said. The coalition also seeks to have the decision brought before the Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals, the Attorney General's Office said.

A federal judge has issued a stay on his decision declaring the Affordable Care Act unconstitutional.

"It's is an affront to the rule of law", he added, arguing that the ruling will not stand. Thus, the fate of the entire law could be determined in the new appeal, depending on how broadly the higher courts decide it.

A briefing schedule is yet to be set by the Court of Appeals for the Fifth Circuit. They say their states have been negatively impacted by an increase in people on state-supported insurance.

Rosenblum emphasized the separation of powers between the court case and congressional action, but said the attorneys general look forward to checking in with the newly elected Congress.

The House entry into the case at both the trial and appeals levels will not slow down or complicate the case, the new filing also argued.

Congressional Republicans essentially annulled the mandate previous year when they overhauled the US tax code, removing the penalty for not maintaining health coverage.

Yet Judge O'Connor said Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr. was clear in 2012, when he said the law's benefits and consumer protections ran in conjunction with the mandate.

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